About me

Who am I?

My name is Michele Liuzzi and I was born and I live in Milan (Italy) with my wife and my little Leo recently born.

My passion is business. I am an entrepreneur in the restaurant business and I’m an investor in cryptocurrency and these are the topics I will discuss on my blog. For this reason, if you are passionate about these topics like me, follow this blog to grow up togheter.

I am mainly a researcher, a tireless researcher of the beauties of life and of human beings. I have a past and a present as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for medium and high level companies. I have always worked to provide strategic indications in the commercial / marketing field, with the aim of growing the customer company, always convinced that first of all comes the human being and then the company.

Ok, with a little shyness I hope that this new adventure can bring us a new “wealth” … and I do not speak exclusively of economic wealth.

… so, if you think you want to grow (along with me) economically and emotionally, follow me and see what happens.

Thank you for your chance.

P.S. Oh I forgot, I accept thousands of your advice on how to improve my writing, my English and my business … thank you very much!