What is CrowdEstate.Eu and how does it work?

We start from the crowdestate name connected directly with the term crowdfunding. The term crowdfunding is the union of “crowd” and “financing”. So, it is a matter of collective funding or better a collaboration between people who want to bring their value in the support of ideas and projects. In short, those businesses that have


What are cryptocurrency and how do they work?

In recent years, we have often heard about cryptocurrency and have been in many to underline the numerous gain opportunities made available by these instruments. But, what are crypto coins and, above all, how do we manage to make a profit through these particular tools and innovative means of payments? Let’s find out together. Cryptocurrency:Β here

Cryptocurrencies: why are they dangerous?

It’s really impossible that in these months you have not heard about cryptocurrencies. These new virtual coins have invaded the market practically in every part of the world, so much so that they become an indistinguishable part of the market itself. Today, cryptocurrencies are so widespread that they represent a real threat to traditional currencies.